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Rokhopper-J <img src="" alt="F" />/26

Rokhopper-J F/26

A fit little cutie that can pull her own weight and probably beat you at arm wrestling. I don’t know who you are yet, but I’m already pretty confident.

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realityseamstress <img src="" alt="F" />/ERROR

realityseamstress F/ERROR

Call me Ahstra. It’s short for my already shortened brand name, Vexilahstra!
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sdfgh34 <img src="" alt="F" />/30

sdfgh34 F/30

♥ shopping, travel, sugary drinks ♥
hmu if ur not boring 😉
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flowerofhell <img src="" alt="M" />/28

flowerofhell M/28

Hey, I’m Tal. Just a ‘Cubi living in a big city trying to live my best life.
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CuddlyKaiju <img src="" alt="F" />/28

CuddlyKaiju F/28

Hi!!! I’m Momo. I’m just a big island girl that likes to chill! Life’s too short and the world’s too small to bother with being bored, stressed, or sad. Or clothed.

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EternalDreadEmpressCart <img src="" alt="F" />/4612

EternalDreadEmpressCart F/4612

I am Carthaginia, Eternal Dread Empress of Samhain! Nation-eater, Shatterer of the Capsum Isle Consortium, and Immortal! My reputation should precede me, even in this backwater sphere of existence!
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le_chat_noire <img src="" alt="F" />/24

le_chat_noire F/24

First off, I am not going to be your “big tiddy goth gf”. Would it kill you to creeps to be a little creative?
Yes, the ears and tail are real. No, you can’t pet them. Weirdo.
Anyway, I’m Noire. I’m not French, but thanks for assuming.
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rising*star <img src="" alt="F" />/21

rising*star F/21

I guess if I were to sum myself up in a sentence… honestly? I just want to have fun! That sounds a bit cliche and naive, I know, but if I’m not having a good time then what’s the point?
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hard_rox <img src="" alt="F" />/22

hard_rox F/22

Just your typical everyday street golem.
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Titinya <img src="" alt="F" />/24

Titinya F/24

Greetings, friend! My name is Amaryllis. My friend Audrey put me up to making a profile on this website as a dare. I’m afraid I do not have a whole lot of free time, so I am sorry if I fail to respond to your messages in a timely manner.
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