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PennyBlack <img src="" alt="F" />/24

PennyBlack F/24

I’m Victoria, a nerdy harpy with a penchant for gothic fashion.

Radical_Houseplant <img src="" alt="H" />/18

Radical_Houseplant H/18

Looking for somebody who wants to be cool and comfortable chilling with a girl who doesn’t get out much but really would like to. The world outside the garden’s nice and all, but I want somebody to share the lols with. Hope to experience something new with you, whether it’s new for you or not.

Yumi-77 <img src="" alt="F" />/28

Yumi-77 F/28

There is much to say, and I am unsure what details are impudent to other creatures. I likely have to express my species to you first.
I am new to the surface, having lived most of my life deep underground. Our species went unknown to most creatures above ground, so many have not heard of us. We have made recent efforts to reach out to our surface kin and share cultures with them.

Rokhopper-J <img src="" alt="F" />/26

Rokhopper-J F/26

A fit little cutie that can pull her own weight and probably beat you at arm wrestling. I don’t know who you are yet, but I’m already pretty confident.

realityseamstress <img src="" alt="F" />/ERROR

realityseamstress F/ERROR

Call me Ahstra. It’s short for my already shortened brand name, Vexilahstra!

sdfgh34 <img src="" alt="F" />/30

sdfgh34 F/30

♥ shopping, travel, sugary drinks ♥
hmu if ur not boring 😉

flowerofhell <img src="" alt="M" />/28

flowerofhell M/28

Hey, I’m Tal. Just a ‘Cubi living in a big city trying to live my best life.

CuddlyKaiju <img src="" alt="F" />/28

CuddlyKaiju F/28

Hi!!! I’m Momo. I’m just a big island girl that likes to chill! Life’s too short and the world’s too small to bother with being bored, stressed, or sad. Or clothed.

EternalDreadEmpressCart <img src="" alt="F" />/4612

EternalDreadEmpressCart F/4612

I am Carthaginia, Eternal Dread Empress of Samhain! Nation-eater, Shatterer of the Capsum Isle Consortium, and Immortal! My reputation should precede me, even in this backwater sphere of existence!

le_chat_noire <img src="" alt="F" />/24

le_chat_noire F/24

First off, I am not going to be your “big tiddy goth gf”. Would it kill you to creeps to be a little creative?
Yes, the ears and tail are real. No, you can’t pet them. Weirdo.
Anyway, I’m Noire. I’m not French, but thanks for assuming.