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  • Name: Ymryaad, or “Yumi”
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: omnisexual
  • Race: deep dweller
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Job: translator
  • Speaks: English, elvish, deep speak
  • Education: life in the depths, Lingua online language courses


There is much to say, and I am unsure what details are impudent to other creatures. I likely have to express my species to you first.

I am new to the surface, having lived most of my life deep underground. Our species went unknown to most creatures above ground, so many have not heard of us. We have made recent efforts to reach out to our surface kin and share cultures with them.

I can come off as cold or serious to the surface races, but I am merely poor at expressing myself. Deep speech is complex language that relies on the color and brightness of our glowing, and my grasp of English is effective but not perfect.



I translate writing and audio media into deep speech to be deciphered by my species. Many films and novels are points of interest to the subterranean community, so I primarily work on those. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting these, which often comes down to using colored lettering to depict the intended tone.

In spare times, I collect trinkets. Some are figures from stores, some are simply attractive stones or shells I find. I keep a small chest of them in my room. I would also like to learn a musical instrument, as many of the resources we need to make one were not available underground.


This is varied depending on who is looking. My bioluminescence. My singular eye. My tentacles. My full lips or breasts. I understand many of these things are out of place on the surface while others are seen as attractive. In my homeland, I was often told that the shape of my sensory buds (your language doesn’t have a word for them; the upper appendages on my head) was very comely. I cannot be certain which you will see first, but I do hope that you find one to enjoy about me.


I naturally consume a lot of media in my line of work and entertainment is a scarce luxury back in my home tunnels. At least not in the same sense that you understand. Music and storytelling are common, but visual arts were never a focus. The colorful nature of comic books is very interesting. I appreciate the artistic side to movies, however shallow it may be. Animation is a genuinely beautiful art form to behold, and even the colors and moods involved in horror movies is very provoked.

I find myself enjoying most rap and pop music, though mostly for the rhythms as I cannot always follow the lyrics. Particularly loud sounds like your death metal can be very overwhelming.

I have yet to experience many cultures of surface food, but I am told this is common. I enjoy draconic barbecue, no matter how much it makes my tongue tingle and eye water.


I appreciate a strong grip in a lover. My body is more malleable than most species, and an especially firm hug or squeeze is especially exciting. I enjoy taking my time when it comes to a mate partner. Exploring one another is especially intimate, learning about what affects the other especially well to build up before the proper climax. Life in the dark also gives deep dwellers some sharpened senses, and I always enjoy learning more about how my lover feels and tastes in my mouth.


I have been offered sushi on several occasions. There’s something about the texture I dislike.

I will play video games with company, but I have yet to find one that interests me personally. I admittedly may simply not be playing the “right” types.

Very loud noises. They can be distantly orienting and put me off balance. Thank goodness for extra tentacles, yea?


You are patient, handsome and comfortable with a girl with larger tentacles than you. I look forward to kissing you.

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