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  • Name: Call me Ahstra. It’s short for my already shortened brand name, Vexilahstra!
  • Age: Older than you, trust me darling.
  • Gender: My current form is feminine.
  • Orientation: With the rather limiting binary humans have in place, I suppose I’d be bisexual.
  • Race: ■
  • Height: Human sized
  • Job: Earth Fashion Designer
  • Diet: I do not particularly require sustenance, but I do gain energy from people’s awareness of my creations. And I’ll confess, I do find myself partial to milkshakes.
  • Speaks: My native tongue has no pronounceable name, but I possess knowledge of many languages.

I am known across several realms by many titles: Vexilahstra, “The Celestial Seamstress,” “The Amaranthine Gossamer Labyrinth”, “The Veiled Mistress of Sutharuta Citadel,” and “That Creepy Lady That Lives in the Apartment At the End of the Hall.” The list goes on, but please, just call me Ahstra.

I have long enjoyed the human presence in this city, yet it was only recently (perhaps 10 cycles of what you call a year?) that I was able to truly experience what living with them was like. Others may scoff at my interest in them but I simply cannot help it! Their delicate forms are just so… adorable. I believe that is the correct term. This has been the most exciting moment of my being and there are so many more interesting experiences that I look forward to exploring!


What Do I Do?:

I craft clothing for 3 dimensional beings, which began as a hobby. One of the human traits I was always fascinated by is they way they would decorate their bodies with sheets of scavenged material that have been fashioned into such elegant patterns. I found myself yearning to create something similar which would emphasize the most endearing features of people, and I was overjoyed to find that my creations are often praised with love and admiration! I was even approached by several companies about replicating some of my own designs and as a result, I now have my own brand and line of clothing!

The First Thing People Notice About Me:

The People of Earth can’t see my true form. While I can see all of them, they only see but a part of me. They do “take notice” of my true form at times though. A few chosen ones that I am close to have described the feeling of not seeing my true self as their mind telling them that something should be there, but that they just are not in possession of the right equipment to perceive it.

This doesn’t bother me at all however. Tailoring my designs to the limited perception of most 3-dimensional beings is a major part of what makes it such a fun creative challenge!

My Partner Should Be:

Oh my, I’m not exactly sure how to answer this. Alive, perhaps. Yes that sounds correct. My partner should be a living being. Preferably human. I have also been strongly advised that I should seek out a human with a trait known as ‘having an open mind’. But how does one’s mind become open while confined inside one’s cerebellum? Such a mystery to me.

The Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit:

My first attempts at interacting with humans went… how to say this… embarrassingly poorly; to put it generously. After scouring some human media for ideas for a better approach, I encountered a movie about invaders trying to wear human disguises to nefarious ends. I took the idea of crafting a humanoid likeness to make interaction easier, but I had to stylize my avatar a bit differently so people would not have false assumptions about my intentions.

For Our First Date Let’s:

Simply enjoy a conversation in each other’s presence. I’m always curious to hear about people’s lives. Stories serve as such excellent inspiration for new designs.

My Pictures:

Ready for a Date?

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