Overworked Incubus

After the hour was up and Louis had a ginger ale and a root beer float, both as good as the chocolate milk, he shared contact information with Talesin, got his address, paid the catboy receptionist, and left. After a short walk, he finally made it to his small apartment. While he was eagerly packing a bag of lemon bar ingredients in his white tiled kitchen, his cat Pringle walked up to him and started rubbing against his ankles. He put the now-full bag of ingredients on the counter and crouched down to pick Pringle up in his arms.

“I’ll just be gone for the night,” Louis said, rubbing Pringle’s ears.

Talesin’s apartment was only ten blocks away, so at a quarter past midnight, he finished chugging his coffee, waved goodbye to Pringle and Gollum, and left to walk down the street with his bag of ingredients.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

He arrived outside of Talesin’s six story L-shaped brick apartment building. Moss and vines covered the adjacent apartment, but this one had been cleanly power washed. He hovered near the tarnished bronze door, not sure if he should come inside or text Talesin to tell him that he was there. But right on cue, Talesin himself came into view after rounding the nearest street corner. He was on the sidewalk, no longer in his signature lingerie, but rather a stunning leather jacket and jeans. His tail and wings jutted out of specially fit holes in the fabric.

“Hey,” Talesin said when he finally reached Louis. His voice was tinged with a faint hint of exhaustion.

“Wow, you really do look good in anything,” Louis said with a smile.

“Yeah, I don’t wear the host club lingerie out in public. I have a lot of outfits. A lot. This one’s supposed to give off a real bad boy sort of vibe. And hey, what’s in that bag there?”

“Lemon bar ingredients. I brought extra just in case.”

“I thought I was supposed to be the prepared, responsible one. Anyway, come on in, it’s way warmer inside!” Talesin opened the unlocked copper door and held it open for Louis. The two of them entered the apartment complex.

There was a long carpeted hallway in front of them, and stairs to the left. The two of them ignored the hallway and climbed the stairs. They finally made it to the third floor, and Talesin was panting.

“Tired?” Louis asked.

“Yeah. It was a long day. Just before closing there was this one guy who would just not stop asking me about every single facet of my life… eventually I just gave up and started saying whatever came to mind, even if it wasn’t true. And Chuck fell asleep, so I had to wake him up, and the janitor left early, so in between my last two clients I had to help sweep the place…”

They finally made it to Talesin’s apartment suite. He unlocked the top and bottom locks, then opened the door to let Louis in.

As soon as the door opened, a loud meow came from inside the dim apartment, and a brown cat with faint beige stripes darted to the door.

“Bastet!” Talesin said, and his exhaustion faded. Bastet rubbed against Talesin’s ankles, then looked up at Louis with curious green eyes.

“I think he’s an American Bobtail,” Louis said. “But, I’m not sure.”

“Really?” Talesin picked up Bastet. “Let’s go inside. He doesn’t like being held for too long.”

They went inside the dim apartment. Talesin turned on the lights, and Louis looked around while Talesin closed the door. It was a modern-themed apartment with wood floors, IKEA furniture, and pea green walls. They were in the living room, and a small hallway connected it to a dining room inside of a kitchen. The hallway had two other doors, one of which was probably the bedroom, and the other probably the bathroom.

“Like it?” Talesin said. “Make yourself at home.”

“Nice place. It’s already after midnight, so we need to start these lemon bars quickly if we’re going to eat them tonight. How about we talk in the kitchen while we set everything up?”

The kitchen had the same pea green walls, but all of the countertops, cabinets, and appliances were either white or gray. By a curtained window in the rear of the room was the brown four person dining table.

Talesin opened the fridge and started taking things out while Louis plopped his bag of ingredients on the countertop. He poured everything out. Eggs, butter, sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, flour, salt, lemons, and a lemon juicer.

“I brought my own fresh lemons,” Louis said. “And a juicer.”

“I just use bottled stuff. Do fresh lemons really make it better?”

“They do.”

“Where’s the baking soda?”

“The what? You’re not supposed to use that.”

“Oh. I swear, the recipe I found online called for it…”

“I think that was your problem.”

Over the next fifteen minutes, Louis and Talesin combined their ingredients to make lemon bars together. While mixing the batter, they made small talk about their cats. Bastet hopped on the dining table, rolled on his back, and stretched out in the middle of the table, watching the two of them cook together.

Finally, they poured all the batter and filling into a pan, and put it in the now preheated oven.

“It should take twenty minutes,” Louis said. “How do you think we should kill the time?”

“Hmm… there are lots of things we can do. He gave Louis a seductive smile. “Maybe we can talk about things, maybe flirt, who knows? Ooh! I can show you my collection of clothes!” Talesin’s face brimmed with excitement. “Come here,” he said as he quickly darted into the hallway.

Louis followed the jumpy Talesin to his bedroom. The very first thing he saw was Talesin’s fresh, fluffy bed, followed by his desk and expensive PC, and lastly, the giant, open closet in the corner of his room by the window. Inside were dozens of outfits and even more individual articles of clothing, and all of them were neatly organized. Louis imagined himself and Talesin on the bed for a moment.

“Like it?” Talesin asked as the two of them walked in together.

“Wow, that bed…”

“Looks soft, doesn’t it?”

“Can I lay down on it?”

“Go ahead.” Talesin closed the door.

Louis plopped on the bed. It let out a creak and a floomp sound, and Louis almost melted into the puffy white blanket.

“Ahhh… yeah. This is good.”

Talesin hopped on the springy bed and it creaked again. “Nice, isn’t it?”

“Can we just… I don’t know…”

Talesin smiled. “That was fast.”

“I didn’t… Nah, screw it, I wanna get pounded. We’re in bed, we really like each other, and the lemon bars have a lot of time left to cook. Up for some quick antics?”

“Pounded, huh?” His tail waved in the air behind him. “I have an even better idea.”

“I’m all yours. Do whatever you want.” Arousal began to creep into Louis.

Talesin crawled closer to Louis. He curled his tail so that the heart-shaped tip pointed towards Louis. “Ever caught some tail action before?”

“No, but I’d like to.”



Talesin reached down and unbuttoned Louis’ jeans. He unzipped them, then pulled them down his thighs along with his underwear. As Louis watched Talesin do his thing, he was filled with a sudden realization, accompanied by a wave of lust. Was he really about to do this? He shuddered with anticipation.

His lengthening cock was finally exposed to the air, and Talesin brought his body closer to it. He sat to the left of Louis and faced away from him, putting his tail right on top of Louis’ bare thighs. Talesin’s tail shifted closer to Louis’ cock and began to curl around it in a circle. Louis just leaned back and relaxed in the cloud-like bed.

When Louis felt the smooth, leathery tail brush against his cock and wrap around the base, another wave of arousal went through him. His now-erect cock twitched. Talesin coiled his tail around it in a tight binding, covering it base to tip. The slithering motion felt strange against Louis’ skin. Finally, his erection was entirely wrapped.

“And this is the fun part,” Talesin said.

The leathery coil tightened, and Louis let out a grunt as it started moving up and down his cock, stroking him and filling him with wave after wave of pleasure. Talesin knew what he was doing, and he kept up a fast, steady rhythm. Louis’ pulse quickened. His body tensed up and pressed against the soft blankets.

As Talesin stroked him, Louis gradually climbed closer and closer to orgasm. The tail, the sight of the smiling Talesin sitting next to him, and the emotional bond all helped him on his way there.

“Just relax,” Talesin said.

It was only a minute before Louis was almost to orgasm. Talesin was that good. His tail was so smooth, so tight, so steady in its grip. Talesin seemed to sense his rapidly climbing arousal and stroked him harder. Louis pushed his head against the blankets. He was happy and content to stay here. Even though his body normally got more tense when he was excited, he was feeling more limp and relaxed. He didn’t know if this was the bed at work, Talesin’s technique, or the faint scent of baking lemon bars wafting in from under the closed door.

Finally, Louis reached the tipping point and hurtled toward orgasm. He felt the fiery waves of bliss build up inside of his cock, come to a peak, and release in a sequence of hot white jets. Talesin closed his eyes as Louis, addled with blissful pleasure, came all over his tail, his thighs, and the patch of bed near his legs.

When the orgasm died down, Louis was happy, relaxed, and a little sleepy. The bed and Talesin’s warm touch were all that were left.

“Like it?” Talesin said as he uncoiled his now wet tail.

“I… mmmm. Can we just lay here for a minute?” Louis asked.

“As long as we leave ourselves time to clean up before we have to take the lemon bars out of the oven. Don’t worry. I’ll keep track of the time. Mmm, lemon bars…”

The two of them leaned back against the bed and relaxed.

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