Overworked Incubus

Written by Elizabeth Violet
Also available via Literotica and Hentai Foundry


Louis stood nervously outside the front door of the downtown host cafe. He was wearing his typical red shirt and tight jeans. The neon sign displayed the cafe’s name: Arms Goetia. In the sunset light, he couldn’t see through the dark windows, but the shiny mahogany doors beckoned him to enter. He took one last deep breath, pushed the brass handle, and walked inside.

The inside of the cafe was predominantly blue, red, and purple, and it was louder than he thought it would be. The windows filtered out almost all of the outside light. Napping face-down on the reception desk in front of Louis was a twenty-something blonde catboy. Although Louis knew a lot about cats, he didn’t know a lot about catpeople, or if he was taking a nap, or if he was passed out drunk. He gently snored on a small stack of papers.

Louis was afraid to wake him. He looked behind the reception desk into the main area of the cafe and saw the stunning hosts. Beautiful young men and women, some shirtless, some in suits, some wearing exotic lingerie, were all sitting with their male and female guests, talking, laughing, and drinking in the bluish light of the cafe. And among them, Louis saw two extremely cute succubi with pink skin and batlike wings. He was already excited, but his anxiety paralyzed him.

There were portraits on the wall to his left: twenty in total, all with the faces of the hosts. About half of them were sexy demons. They all looked amazing, but one portrait of a young man with purple skin, purple horns, and reddish-pink hair in the lower-left corner caught his eye. Talesin the incubus. Was he available? He was stunningly hot, and there weren’t many incubi in town, so maybe he was used to nervous clients…

Finally, the catboy let out one last loud snore before jolting upright and almost falling over in his chair. “Wha? Huh? I wasn’t sleeping!” he stammered before looking up at Louis. “Oh! Hello! Thought you were the manager. Or Talesin… is this your first time at the Arms Goetia?”

“It is.” Louis nodded.

“Any questions, or do you want to pick a host? We’ve got four lovely gentlemen available right now. All the ladies are taken. Sorry.”

“Um, yeah, how does this all work?”

“Glad you asked! You pick a host that you think is cute, and you purchase time to sit down and talk to them or nap on their shoulder or flirt or whatever it is you want. While you’re sitting together, your host or hostess will call the bartender over to give you free drinks every now and then. The hourly rates are on the side of the desk there. Interested?”

Louis glanced at the side of the desk; the prices looked reasonable. “Sure. I think I’d like an hour with… um… who’s available right now?”

“Well, there’s the bodybuilder Shawn, there’s this quirky incubus named Talesin—”

“–Can I have an hour with Talesin?”

The catboy smiled. “Sure! Let me get up to go find him…”

But before the catboy could get out his seat, a door opened somewhere nearby in the main cafe space, and Talesin walked into view. Louis instantly focused on Talesin’s looks. He was Louis’ height, had smooth purple skin, stunning demon wings, a beautiful, confident face, and a set of blue-purple leather lingerie with gold trim that made him look like royalty. Lastly, he had a long purple tail that ended in a heart shaped tip.

“Hey Chuck,” Talesin said. “Just checking in to make sure you’re not sleeping again.”

While Louis gazed at Talesin, Chuck turned around to talk. “Yeah, I was totally awake! Yep. Hey, this customer right here wanted to have an hour with you.”

Talesin’s eyes widened with joy, and Louis snapped out of his gaze as Talesin turned to him. “Excellent! Is this your first time? Did Chuck explain it all?”

“He did,” Louis said. “So, um, yeah, I saw you and thought you were interesting. I mean, who else has purple skin?”

“That is one of the first things people notice about me,” Talesin said. “But we don’t need to talk here; if you’ve made up your mind already, we can go into the cafe, sit down somewhere cozy, and have some fun conversations together.

“That would be great,” Louis said. He was relieved to finally get out of the awkward reception area of the room.

“This way,” Talesin said. “I have a favorite spot.” He beckoned Louis to come with him, and turned around to walk into the depths of the cafe. Louis followed him, staring at his long, heart-tipped tail and smooth thighs the whole way through. On their way to the back of the cafe, Louis occasionally glanced away from Talesin to look at the other patrons and hosts. They were talking, laughing, and having fun. Louis’ anxiety began to fade, and he slowly became more confident that this would be a good idea.

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