Margarita the Harpy

Jean has the good fortune of meeting Margarita, a hummingbird breed of shortstack harpy on a monstergirl dating app.

A story written by Sandcastles Luffington.
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Jean looked into a nearby shop window, checking his reflection for the 3rd time since he’d left his apartment. He wasn’t vain, but he didn’t want to look like a jackass. He was unsure of what to expect for this date but wanted to at least try to hit it off right. He had found Margarita’s dating profile after searching Little Black Bestiary for a few days. There hadn’t been much on her profile, but she was cute and he thought it would be good to at least try LBB out. Going out with a girl who was more on the human side of demi-humans felt like something he could get used to quickly. She had been curt but sweet in her replies, and she had quickly suggested setting up a day for them to go on a date. He took that as a good sign, but it did leave him scrambling to figure out what to talk about on the date.

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And there she was. Perched on the back of a park bench was his date. Margarita was a 3’7″ hummingbird harpy with brightly colored feathers that were mainly a brilliant blue. She had pink hair she kept boyishly short, her features primarily human as a whole. Feathers grew in around her shoulders and thighs, leading into delicate, bird-like feet and flexible wings instead of arms.

Her bright eyes darted about until she spotted Jean and they lit up with delight. She jumped off the bench and beat her wings in mid-air, flapping fast enough to be a blur on either side of her body. Kicking up a tiny breeze, she flitted over until she hovered in front of his face.

“There you are!” she chimed excitedly. “Jean, right? From LBB?”

“You got it,” he confirmed, breaking into a grin of his own. “I didn’t have any trouble recognizing you.”

“Just had trouble spotting my tiny ass in the first place!” Margarita laughed.

She caught Jean off guard as she leaned in and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. Everything about the speedy little beauty seemed determined to be fast.

“Good to meetcha. So where were we going?”

The small harpy finally touched down beside him, thrusting her wing into his hand. It seemed to be the closest she had to holding hands, and it was flexible enough to wrap around most of his hand. Jean smiled at her assertiveness that blitzed past any reservations he had. Speaking of…

“I’ve got a reservation at Eseil’s. You ever been there?”

“Oh the elvish place? I do love elf food. I keep flying by it but never tried. This should be exciting! I always wanted to go visit the old elven country…”

Margarita kept up her energetic chatter, and Jean was content to listen to the strange and fascinating little creature. She’d always let him speak when he looked ready to, but she had plenty to say for herself. Jean was glad to let her handle the talking, even if it left him feeling guilty for not having much to say.

They quickly reached Eseil’s and were seated at their table. The place had a naturalistic look with live trees and ivy growing inside the restaurant. It created a slightly mystical air until an orc college student came to take their order. Not that he was unpleasant in the slightest, but it came as a surprise after all the elven atmosphere.

Jean played it safe with the steak. Their L’turian chicken looked good but he decided to hold off rather than risk offending his half-avian date.

“I’ll have the spicy noodle bowl off the petite menu,” Margarita decided quickly, speaking up almost as soon as Jean had finished giving his order, leaving the waiter hurrying to keep up. “And an extra large cherry cola! Please!”

Jean nodded slightly to himself. That added up. When restaurants these days served everyone from fairies to giants, serving sizes became a matter of personal preference. And with Margarita being half hummingbird, all that energy had to come from somewhere.

“Ooh, do we need seperate checks?” Margarita asked before the waiter left. “Cuz I can totally cover my half…”

Jean waved a hand dismissively. “Nah, that’s fine. I’ve got it.”

“Ah you’re just being old-fashioned,” the harpy protested. “I’m fine. Really.”

“Then how about I pay for this one? You can cover us on the next date.”

Margarita smiled and seemed to accept that as she tucked her wings back to her sides. The confidence that there would be a second date seemed to win her over.

“Okay, okay. Since you insist,” she teased cheerily. Jean figured this was as good a setup as any. He recalled one of the sparse bits of information from her profile.

“So, your profile said you deliver flowers?”

“Yes! It’s great! I get to travel all over the city. The pay’s not great, but it’s not like I need much at my size. Plus I can cover a lot of ground when the only traffic I need to worry about is air traffic.”

“That sounds great for you. Not many can fly,” Jean said as the drinks arrived. He mentally kicked himself for being so blunt about stating the obvious. “You must make people jealous with wings like that.”

Margarita leaned up on her tiny toes to pop her straw into her mouth and take a long sip as she nodded.

“And they totally should be! It’s amazing. Couldn’t imagine life without ‘em. They can be a pain to clean sometimes, but I love to travel and they make it so much easier.”

Jean smiled and listened to her ramble. Talking about herself seemed to make her happy and she was definitely fascinating on top of being cute.

“So have you ever been out of the country?” she asked curiously. “You look like a worldly guy. And a cute one too.”

Jean laughed, blushing at her scatterbrained compliment. She certainly wasn’t one to waste time or words. “I went to Europe on a school trip once. And I knew a guy who would buy pipeweed out in Canada. Does that count?”

“It’s a start,” Margarita giggled. “All the greatest journeys start with a single flap of the wings.”

“So you must have gone everywhere by now, huh?”

“Not as much as I’d like. I’m mostly good for short distances. I need to take a plane like everyone else going overseas, and it’s not as fun to travel alone.”

“Well I’d be glad to keep you company. Maybe we could take a trip together sometime,” Jean offered. Her energetic side might have put some people off, but he was getting good vibes off her.

“Oh, that would be the best!” Margarita gushed, beaming as wide as her little mouth could go. Jean saw some blush cross her lightly tanned skin as the orc returned with their dishes, granting them some time to regroup from their conversation. All things considered, it seemed to be going better than any blind date Jean could recall.

Their dinner was nice, if a little mild for their tastes. Maybe the elven palate took time to appreciate. Either that or it was overhyped. Their conversation more than made up for it as Jean quickly learned to keep pace with her. Her perky energy really was contagious, and the human found it hard to keep a goofy grin off his face through most of their date.

The sun was setting as they walked off their meal. They didn’t have a particular destination in mind; Jean just wanted to draw out their time together on the simple but charming date.

“So how did you give them to her?” Jean asked.

“I just… did! They must have ordered the wrong size, because it’s a full-on bouquet! The lady’s like half the size of this thing, so I just…”

Margarita gave a broad gesture with her wings like she was dropping something at her feet.

“There ya go.’ What was I supposed to do? Squash her with them?”

Jean snickered at the harpy’s story as she glanced up at the sky.

“Damn. It’s starting getting a little late, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yea. Time flies. Nearly as fast you, huh?”

Cheesy, but she seemed to like it. Margarita giggled and glanced up at her date.

“So were you walking home? Or maybe you’d rather spend the night at my place.”

The short monstergirl flashed him a wink that dispelled the possibility of it being anything but flirting. She certainly did work fast. Jean’s heart and mind raced at the tempting offer, slightly afraid that she thought he was cute but not much beyond that. Maybe this was just how Margarita usually operated. For his part though, he wanted to leave a good impression and make this into something that would last rather than a one-night stand.

“I’d love to, but I need to get up early to work tomorrow morning,” he admitted. He bit his tongue on the matter of always hearing hooking up on the first date was a pretty risky move. He moved to salvage it before she could be offended though. “But! We should definitely meet up again. What days are you free?”

Margarita smiled and stopped her short, hopping walk to study him for a moment. “Well aren’t you sweet? My Fridays and weekends are pretty open. Would either of those work?.”

“Next Friday then? We can meet up at your place or wherever. I can message you on the app with details.”

“Sounds perfect!” the harpy agreed quickly. Her eyes darted away from him and down the road. Jean followed her gaze. There was a photobooth on the corner. A well-maintained novelty left over from before everyone had cell phones.

“Hey! Let’s duck in here! I’ll give you somethin’ to remember me by ’til then!”

Margarita fired up her wings, flying up to his arm and grabbing his sleeve with her tiny talons. She tugged firmly enough that Jean followed her inside the booth, tugging the curtain shut behind them. She fished into the pockets of her shorts and popped a few coins into the machine.

“Alright. This should be cute,” Jean chuckled. “You must really want that photo.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about the photo,” Margarita giggled, her wing muscle squeezing his hand before releasing him

She kissed her date on the cheek as the first photo snapped, showing his blushing reaction. She tossed her wings around him in a sweet hug, beaming widely as he hugged her back for the next. He kissed her back just in time for the third to catch their lips meeting in a sweet smooch.

The fourth, however, had a pink blur to it as her head went diving down towards his lap. Margarita was nowhere else to be seen in the shot, though Jean’s surprised expression implied where she had gone. Margarita had buried her face into his lap, giggling as she nuzzled into his crotch like she had suddenly decided on something more interesting than the picture.

Jean gave a soft gasp as her purring lips delicately undid the button on his pants. The clever digits of one avian leg proceeded to his fly and unzipped that as well.

“Just a little forgetmenot,” Margarita giggled, lifting herself up to kiss his lips again. She then hopped backward, dropping to the floor as her wings tugged persistently at his pants. Jean helped her slide his pants and boxers down to expose his now stiffly excited dick.

The harpy leaned into his lap, confidently meeting Jean’s eyes as she started to kiss around his cock’s head. Her wings rested on his legs, keeping herself steady as her tiny smooches made his skin tingle with pleasure wherever her miniature mouth pecked.

With a coy look in her eyes, she opened her mouth as wide as it could go. It was naturally smaller than any human’s, but it didn’t stop her from wolfing down his cock. It couldn’t fit all the way but it was a warm and tight enough fit that Jean couldn’t care less. She moaned and drooled as she bobbed her head, giving him a sweet and sloppy blowjob behind the thin veil of the photobooth’s privacy curtain.

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Jean moaned under his breath, trying not to draw the attention of any passing strangers. Rita kept on sucking, unphased by the risk of being caught (or perhaps even excited by it).

The real surprise was when she brought her tongue into it. It was long and slender, moving extremely quickly in and out of her mouth. She watched him staring at her rapid-fire licking, moving at phenomenal speed so that it felt like her mouth was vibrating as it rubbed around his dick. She acted as if she were drinking the nectar from his cock. Apparently, she had more hummingbird to her than just her wings and feet.

Jean grunted and squeezed her tightly with his legs as he quickly climaxed inside her mouth. Margarita pursed her lips to seal around his cock, noisily slurping and sucking up his seed as fast as he could deliver it. Her slender body bobbed from his thrusts but she kept herself steady enough to take his entire load. Jean had no idea where she put it all in that tiny body, but she smiled at him as he finished. Her tongue flicked rapidly over her lips, lapping up any lingering drops of cum that had escaped.

“Thought you’d like that,” the harpy said with an impish grin. “Look, handsome. It’s fine if you don’t wanna come back to my place, but I’m not the type to leave my date with blue balls.”

“Thanks,” Jean sighed. “For all of that. Just a blanket statement of a thanks.”

Margarita giggled and planted another kiss on his cock before fluttering up to sit beside him, nuzzling up against his arm affectionately.

“It’s alright. Like you said; I’ll get you next time.” Her grin was confident and positively seductive. Jean strongly entertained the idea of calling off work tomorrow but at least he’d have something to look forward to.

Over the next couple weeks, Jean and Margarita went on several more dates. The harpy remained fun and interesting enough to keep him coming back for more while she respected his wishes to take things slow when it came to sex. Her sexy blowjob from their first date still lingered in the back of Jean’s mind, and before long he was researching just how compatible a human and a creature of her size would operate in bed. From all he read, they were surprisingly compatible.

It finally felt like the right time to invite her to spend the night at his place.

The plan was just for a comfy night together. They fired up a movie while they ate Jean’s homemade sweet and sour chicken on the couch. Rita had greenlit poultry as fair game on their second date; even if she wasn’t mostly human, birds ate other birds all the time.

The movie was forgetably fine, but he and Rita kept sneaking glances at each other. They’d smile knowingly when they met each other’s eyes, silently knowing that tonight was the night. The movie had barely hit the credits when Jean turned it off.

“So, did you want to check out the bedroom?” he offered as he rose off the couch.

“Absolutely,” Margarita chimed.

She hovered up beside him and gently wrapped her talons around his hand, letting her bigger boyfriend take the lead. Jean was starting to pick up her strange little body language. She was always a little bouncy and perky, but the way her smile reached her eyes and the extra bit of puffiness to her feathers showed she was downright excited for tonight.

Jean guided her to the bed, letting her stand on it in front of him. It evened out their height difference, only having to bend slightly to kiss the perching harpy. She cooed gently and wrapped her wings around his body, holding him close as her familiar tongue flicked and tickled his own. He unclasped Rita’s tiny top for her, letting it drop from her shoulders and onto the floor.

Margarita shifted here and there as she let him undress her and explore her body. Her avian features were mostly out in the open, and underneath her shorts and top were just a short but curvy woman’s body. Her tomato-sized breasts looked bigger than they were on her slender frame, perky and squeezably soft apart from her very hard nipples. A tiny, carefully tended patch of pink pubic hair drew the eye to the tight-lipped pussy between her feathered thighs. Even the grinning, giddy harpy shifted her weight between her bird-like feet. She swayed her hips as she seemed to wait for a reaction to their first time fully naked together.

“God, you’re sexy,” Jean sighed as he finished undressing and climbed into bed with her.

Margarita couldn’t contain her excitement for long. The tiny tomboy threw herself into his arms, kissing him hungrily as her breasts mashed against his chest. Her light weight was still enough to urge Jean onto his back as he let her aggressively make out with him. her warm crotch and feathery thighs rubbed against his stomach. It was like her body was too eager to realize it was too short to reach his dick while their lips were locked together. Her tongue continued to flick rapidly inside his mouth, teasing his tongue to draw out moans and sighs from her lover.

“You are so cute,” she cooed as she brushed her soft wing along his cheeks.

“You’re the cute one here, tiny,” Jean teased playfully.

He used the freedom she’d given his mouth by latching onto one of her little morsels of a breast. Rita gave a shrill squeal of pent up glee, squeezing her avian legs around Jean’s midsection as she arched her back. He brought his hand up to her chest, stroking gently over the feathers of her underarm before moving on to her other breast. His thumb alone was enough to cover most of her tit, grasping her entire torso with one hand as she moaned and purred in his arms.

“Fuck yes,” Margarita sighed. Her feathers ruffled as she shuddered with pleasure. “I’ve been waiting for this…”

“Me too,” Jean mused, his breath blowing across her hard, wet nipple.

Margarita brushed her wings against his cheek once more before she scooted backward on her knees. The feathers on her legs tickled against his cock, trailing a bit of precum on the colorful patterns. Jean couldn’t think of anything else but her right now, but a small part of his brain knew he’d have to help her clean that off her later.

Margarita’s perked ass rubbed against his cock next, grinding there briefly before she slid further down. She finally sat in his lap, resting his comparatively oversized dick against her womanhood. Even the ever-hyper harpy took a moment to savor the moment before she pressed her hips into him.

He could see the euphoria on the harpy’s face as she took his cock inside her. The subtle pricking of her talons against his legs was nothing compared to the tight warmth of her pussy squeezing around his cockhead. Margarita gave a soft, shrill gasp as her mouth hung open and her eyes fluttered along with her wings. Her tight little hips gyrated as she slowly worked herself lower and urged him slowly deeper with every thrust.

“Ohhhh yes. Fuck, you’re so big…” the winged shortstack purred in mindless pleasure.

“You alright?” Jean asked, running his hands up her sides and over her breasts. “Not too big, right?

“Oh I’m lovin’ this,” Margarita groaned loudly. She threw her head back and bit her lip as she pushed herself a little deeper. She could only take about half of Jean’s dick inside her, but that seemed to be blowing her mind. Her slender legs pushed against the bed to bounce herself on his rod as rapidly and enthusiastically as she did everything else. Jean felt glad he’d kept his hands around her middle or she seemed like she’d have popped right off him without him holding her steady.

Rita’s wings flexed and flapped as she started to pant and squirm in his grasp.

“Almost… so good,” she mewled witlessly. Margarita’s eyes opened in a weary, half-lidded gaze.

“Let go for a sec, babe,” she urged. “I need this…”

Jean released her before he knew what she was talking about. He didn’t want to hurt her, but it felt so amazing to have the horny little woman writhing on his cock. To his surprise, she started to beat her wings in the rapid-fire buzz he’d come to associate with her. She flew a few inches into the air, hovering just above his lap with his dick just barely left inside her.

She let out shrill, lusty grunts as she began to hover up and down, riding his dick by flying in mid-air. It had a strangely light touch to it, despite how tight a fit it was. Jean wasn’t exactly a playboy, so it was completely new to him to be fucked by a girl who could defy gravity. It gave her entire body a subtle vibration, as if she was some sort of levitating sex toy riding his cock.

“Oh yes! Fuck yes!” Margarita chanted. The extra bit of control she had while flying let her ride him just how she wanted, getting a little more leverage to stuff his cock inside her. His precum leaked out of her tight slit as sweat ran down her overclocked little body. Jean cupped her ass cheeks, helping pull her down onto his shaft until she finally bit her lip and let out a long, shrill whine.

“Ohmygodohymygodyesssss~!” she rambled. Her contagious excitement caught Jean as well as he pulled hard on her soft and slender hips, burying himself inside his flying angel and cumming as deep as he could reach inside her petite form. It overflowed past her leg feathers, and the extra bit of pressure and stickiness inside her got her to shiver rapidly. Her wings froze up, flexing covetously around herself like a shawl as she vibrated on top of his cock, pushing her full weight down on top of it as she squirted her own warm juices over him in return.

“That was so good,” Jean sighed, stroking one of her feathered wings. Rita was still balled up in her wings, but she bit her lip and nodded as she tried to catch up with her intense sensations for the next couple minutes.

“Need a hand?” Jean asked after letting her quietly shudder for a few seconds. She nodded her red face sheepishly. Jean smiled and lifted her lightweight body off him, cuddling her close to his chest. Neither of them seemed to mind all the sweat of his cum leaking out of her overflowing pussy as they snuggled up together.

“Really good,” Margarita finally sighed when she caught her breath.

“Not often anything can leave you speechless,” Jean teased as he nuzzled her nose. Rita pouted before flicking out her tongue to tap him on the nose.

“Very funny, wise guy.” She broke into a grin as she nestled herself into the crook of his arm. “But it was great. I can’t wait ‘til next time. Once I’m…”

Margarita paused to shiver as an aftershock of her orgasm rippled through her.

“A little more rested,” she finished weakly.

“Maybe we’ll try something special when we take that trip together,” Jean offered as he ran his fingers through her short pink hair. She shut her eyes as she rested against him contentedly.

“Going anywhere and up for trying everything in bed… my kind of guy,” the harpy sighed.

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